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Object of Documentation: Tree 

Copper, etched,  liver of sulfur, polymer clay



I feel as though the world around me is bleeding


I imagine trees split open to reveal raw and wounded organs


Still breathing. aching.


This pain is so deep it cannot only be mine. My little body cannot contain it.


So the sidewalk that I tread breathes it in. Absorbs little pieces of my pain. Of my humanity.

Seasons of Life 

Copper, cocobolo wood, liver of sulfur, enameling, engraving, silver plating, powder coating 

                               Spring, 2016

Memory Ring

Throughout life, we experience many things that influence us. We are compilations of all the things working around us- the music we listen to, the places we go, the books we read, the food we eat, the pets we have, and the people we talk to. All of these things press up against us molding and changing us into who we are today.


This piece is about the people who travel through our lives, imprinting and changing us. Sometimes the change is imperceptible, operating only within our subconscious. Other times the change is overt, manifesting itself in important decisions and apparent changes  in character or behavior. These people are no longer a part of our lives but we are left with their imprint. We will always carry them with us in some way.

Copper, roll printed, powder coating. Fall 2014

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