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The Breakfast Journals 

Volume Ten

The Breakfast Journals is a collaborative bookmaking project between Hattie Eshleman and Ashley Roth. Since 2016, we have been making small handmade books in pairs and then filling them with drawings and collages. Different volumes have different themes and parameters, and the rules we set help us to discover new and interesting things. For each volume, the books are worked on simultaneously (with one of us in possession of one at a time). Books are traded back and forth between the two of us, so that volumes usually have about 50% Hattie's content and 50% Ashley's content. We hope you have as much fun looking at these as we did making them. 

Vol. 10 (481)

Vol. 10 (R)

Vol. 10 was made in collaboration with the Companion Plants Collective. 

Volume Nine

Slightly different than the rest of the collection, Vol. 9 is a Zine! The book has illustrations by both artists and is available to purchase for $4 plus shipping

Volume Eight 

Vol. 8 (yellow stitch)

Vol. 8 was inspired by an earlier volume (Vol. 6). In both volumes, Hattie and Ash collaborated by both working on the same pages with one person starting a page and the next finishing the page. As a result, all pages have content from both artists. For this specific book (Vol 8. yellow stitch) Ashley started the pages with drawing or collage elements and Hattie finished the compositions. 

Vol. 8 (red stitch)